Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Enclosure

You might be thinking that soft washing (pressure cleaning) is unrelated to pressure washing. Ironically, pressure washers are used to soft wash, but their PSI, or pressure per square inch, is reduced. Soft washing is performed with a pressure less than 500 PSI for rinsing or cleaning. The pressure washer’s tip is replaced with one that widens the spray, lowering the pressure point. Additionally, soft washing makes use of specialized cleaning solutions to break down dirt and microorganisms that live on surfaces. These cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and will not remove protective coatings on the exterior of your home. Soft washing methods are preferred over pressure washing in a variety of situations, including on surfaces such as:


  • Siding made of cedar shakes
  • Siding made of wood panels
  • Rooted plants in the open
  • Unique tree service cleaning
  • Coquina and stucco
  • Wooden furniture for the outdoors
  • Enclosures, screens, and lanais
  • Siding made of vinyl