Driveway Cleaning

driveway power wash

Our driveways and walkways can grow dull and dusty as the weeks pass. Our power cleaning service will revitalize these surfaces. No more inconvenient stares from neighbors or trash being thrown from passer-bys.

What You Need to Know About Driveway Stain

A well-used driveway, particularly one that has been painted or varnished, is susceptible to all kinds of stains, ranging from paint and varnish overspray to dribbles of motor oil and even the odd permanent marker when the youngsters play hopscotch. The cleaning of certain stains and debris may be accomplished with a garden hose, while others need the use of stain-removal solutions to be effective. Several factors, like the kind of pavement (concrete or asphalt) and the type of stain, influence the most effective approach to clean a driveway.

Oils and solvents used in the automotive industry may react with the asphalt’s petroleum foundation, causing it to degrade and soften. Pour an absorbent substance such as clay-based cat litter onto the driveway, regardless of the kind. This will help to soak up as much of the new spill as possible. Allow it to soak up the excess spill for a few hours before scooping up the debris and cleaning the whole area. For some kinds of spills, this may be sufficient cleaning and disinfection. However, if there are any remaining stains, you may use one of the driveway-cleaning solutions listed below for your individual hardscape material to get rid of the remainder.